A Feast For Your Gut

Eh? Let me explain…

I’m all on board with anything that’s good for my gut. Intermittent fasting, heaping piles of kimchi down my throat – ooh yeah, now we’re talking.  Editing thousands of pictures is done in my gut as well: a shot either sings to me or doesn’t, and hopefully there’ll be a choice few that hit you right there too – boom!  

Below is just a small smattering of pictures taken over the past years, selected purely on how I feel about them.  As a long-term Londoner I’m a regular at London’s popular register offices and town halls in Islington, Stoke Newington, Marylebone, Hackney and Chelsea.  Always fashionable, always romantic.

Most couples who book me wince at the thought of being the centre of attention. They’d rather spend their time with their friends and family and prefer natural, documentary coverage of their day. I’m a quiet, observational photographer who glides in with the action, capturing genuine moments as they happen. Ninja-esque, or “stealth” as a bride once described me.  

90% of your day is captured as it happens.  The other 10% is devoted to a few group pictures for posterity and a short session with just the two of you, ensuring that you have some time together (trust me, you’ll thank me for that!) and a few decent pictures to show the grandkids one day.